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About Us

Rise Up. Speak Up. Join Up.

When Lions Clubs International decided to revert back to the original maximum age limit of 28 years for Leos, the City Leos, especially the senior ones suddenly found themselves not belonging anywhere - neither a Leo nor a Lion.

As Leos (like the Lions and Lionesses), we were bound with a common interest of doing charity work and were also eager to continue participating in activities beneficial to the Community as we have done before. Recognising our capabilities and potential, the Lions Club of Singapore Host asked us to consider seriously about converting to a Lions club. At a meeting held in early 1988, a decision was taken and members of the Leo Club of Singapore City (after deliberation) accepted the idea of forming a new Lions club. Soon, the news of our formation was spread and letters were also sent out to ex-Leos and friends, inviting them to join this new Lions club.

A protem committee was set-up and at their first meeting held at Imperial Hotel, Richard See was appointed by the members to be the club’s protem President and with Lion Ng Kim Song (1st Vice President - Singapore Host) as our guiding Lion.

Finally, on 7 March 1988, the Lions Club of Singapore Fort Canning was chartered. Members were inducted by PDG Lalit P Maheshwary on 14 March 1988 and our Charter Nite was held on 21 May 1988.  Our Guest of Honour for the auspicious occasion was District Governor Dr Mario Yoong Foh Yan who was accompanied with his charming 1st lady Lydia Yoong. The name Fort Canning was chosen by members as remembrance of the City Leo days where we would go up to Fort Canning Park for jogging or playing squash after a Leo club meeting.

Henceforth, the Lions Club of Singapore Fort Canning with the initial guidance of its sponsor club, the Lions Club of Singapore (Host), has developed a very strong bond amongst the members and today, we are proud to be a Lion. The little time and effort that we spent shall be beneficial to the less fortunate in our Community - both locally as well as internationally

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